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Terell loved this pic so much because he know the Bugatti is the fastest car… #TeamRay #BillionaireDrummer #Bugatti

Cool kids… #TeamRay


We both focused during this driving exhibition lol…. #TeamRay #billionairedrummer

Working on these next 2 cars !!! 2015 Charger Super Bee & 2015 SL AMG 63 Benz….


#TeamRay selfie in the Maserati….


#TeamRay !!! Surprising them with a trip to the auto show and they ain’t even know it. Ayden don’t look too excited lol


#TeamRay !!!

#BillionaireDrummer #Barclays #JordanBrandClassic

I’ll participate in #tbt today lol … Performance at Bronx Prep with the #HallPassTour … I miss this because our generation need people who will inspire them to be great in life. Want the HPT to come back soon. Miss them!


All praises due to him… and yes paid leads with the automated system. Check it out now and fill up your paypal…

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Keep a winner’s mentality on you… it’s looks good and it will bless your life!

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Park day with the boys….